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Bursa2u brings you stockmarket commentary, analysis and trading techniques for Bursa Malaysia. Bursa Malaysia (previously KLSE) is a market well known for speculative market play, but we at Bursa2u believe that fundamental investing is key to long-term wealth creation in the stockmarket. Our website brings you articles and stock tips to give you an edge in the stockmarket.


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    Warren Buffett
    Let’s say you start by investing RM10,000 in the stockmarket and achieve an annual compound return of 30%. At the end of 10 years you will have a tidy sum of RM138,000. Of course, if you were the average investor, you would probably think returns of 30% in the stock market are impossible over a long period of time.

    Well, when you read about Warren Buffett you will see that he has been averaging around 30% in the stock market not for 10 years, but for 47 years! Not only that, he has been doing it with conservative, long-term investing.

    Many people have tried to study Buffett’s investment techniques in detail. While Warren Buffett has written extensively on his general principles and methods, he has written almost nothing about the specific details. To invest successfully over the long term, it is imperative that we understand some of the key principles of long term investment through the experience of “the world’s greatest investor”. More